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Lace Print Table Runner, Elegant Lace Print Home Decor

Lace Print Table Runner, Elegant Lace Print Home Decor

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Revel in the grace of matrimony with our "Bridal Lace Elegance" Table Runner, a perfect testament to the intricate beauty of lace combined with the jubilant essence of a bridal celebration. Crafted for the modern bride who appreciates the timeless allure of lace, this table runner features a seamless pattern of exquisite lace inspired motifs, offering a sophisticated backdrop.

Personalize your bridal brunch with a design that mirrors the delicate intricacies of a wedding gown. 

Available in two versatile sizes (16" × 72" and 16" × 90"), our table runner graces an array of table settings. Choose from the homely elegance of premium Cotton Twill or the gleaming, enduring appeal of vibrant Polyester to suit your celebration's theme. Beyond its beauty, this table runner stands as a cherished keepsake that echoes the laughter and love of the day.

Sizes Available:

16" × 72": Ideal for intimate settings, it wraps smaller tables in a tapestry of affection and shared joy.
16" × 90": Ample and luxurious, it sets the stage for a grand brunch, welcoming a larger company to partake in the festivity.

Premium Cotton Twill: Imparts a cozy, familiar touch that feels like Sunday brunch at home, yet exudes the finesse fitting of a bridal affair.
Durable Polyester: A lustrous and sturdy choice that promises enduring vibrancy and ease of care, simplifying every after-celebration cleanup.
Design Details:

One-Sided Print: Features an elegant lace-inspired print that evokes the sophistication of traditional lace without the fragility.
Hemmed Edges: Meticulously hemmed for a polished look that frames the festivities with elegance and charm.

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