Building on Success: Daily Routines for Motivation

Building on Success: Daily Routines for Motivation

Today, I want to delve into the daily routine behaviors that have been crucial in keeping me motivated and moving forward.

Early Mornings and Structure

Success doesn't happen by accident. Most days of the month, I rise at the crack of dawn, between 5-6AM. The first thing I do is check on my eight-year-old son and tidy up my bedroom. Making my bed might seem like a small thing, but it sets the tone for the day, providing structure and a sense of accomplishment. I also take a moment to check in with my husband, making sure he's rested and addressing any needs before he embarks on his entrepreneurial day.

The Daily Grind

By 7:30 AM, I'm already in my home office. But before diving into work, I start my day with an inspirational pep talk from an app or a YouTube video that resonates with my emotions. Then, it's time to grind. I manage Redstone Firearms and Redstone Creative, handling emails, orders, inventory, and updates. Some days, I hustle until 8 or 9 PM, preparing for the passive income that will support my vacations and rest days.

The Mexico Hustle

Speaking of vacations, when I prepared for a girls' trip to Mexico, I put in the hours. I worked 14-hour days leading up to the trip to ensure I wouldn't see a dip in my income while I was away. And you know what? It worked. That's the power of hustle and determination.

Investing in Myself

Two days a week, I dedicate time to personal development. I stay updated on emerging trends, attending webinars from platforms like Printful, Printify, and TikTok. Over the years, I've taught myself drop shipping, print on demand, Shopify, and more. With my dedication, I've generated over seven figures in sales, all while building my team.

Balancing Life

I've also learned the importance of balance. During lunchtime, I take daily walks around my community to alleviate stress. It's my way of reconnecting with nature and clearing my mind. Additionally, I take 30 minutes to check in with close friends and family, nurturing those important relationships. And to ensure I'm taking care of my mental well-being, I have bi-weekly therapy visits.

Talk vs. Action

But here's the thing: discipline and hard work are non-negotiable. I've encountered people who say they want success but won't put in the effort. How can you achieve your goals without putting in the work? I remind myself daily that "today may not be the day, but tomorrow just might be." Progress takes time, but my grind will get me there.

From Worker Bee to Queen Bee

I used to be a "worker bee" in Corporate America, working for consistent paychecks but feeling undervalued. Now, I create and generate income for myself. I've shattered any glass ceilings that dared to hold me back. If one ceiling exists, I'll find another house to burst through. Working for myself, I ask, "What ceiling?" I believe in my abilities and the path I've chosen.

The Ultimate Goal

For me, success means using my ancestral talents, working from my home office, homeschooling and mentoring my son, and finding happiness in what I do. It's about discovering your grind and making the time for it.

So, if you're reading this and wondering how to reach your own success, remember my story. Embrace the grind, put in the work, and you just might burst through a ceiling or two along the way.

Geneva Solomon

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