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Empowerment Woven with Creativity: The Redstone Creative Legacy

Welcome to Redstone Creative, where every item is a narrative, every fabric a testament, and every design a bridge to empowerment. Founded by Geneva Solomon, a beacon of resilience and creativity, Redstone Creative transcends the conventional Etsy shop boundaries, blossoming into a digital haven for those seeking pieces with purpose, identity, and a touch of transformative magic.

Our Founder's Odyssey Geneva Solomon's journey is a riveting tale of overcoming adversity, from the challenging waves of Corporate America to personal battles with depression and domestic violence. Armed with a Business Law degree and a spirit unyielded, Geneva transformed her trials into a force for creativity, empowerment, and change. Redstone Creative and Our Voice In Valor, a non-profit championing survivors of domestic violence, are her contributions to a world craving meaningful expression and tangible support.

The Genesis of Redstone Creative What began as a therapeutic escape soon flourished into a thriving creative outlet. Redstone Creative now boasts over 1400 uniquely designed, each echoing Geneva’s commitment to empowerment, diversity, and the celebration of Black culture. Our pieces are more than just merchandise; they're emblems of strength, joy, and cultural pride designed to resonate deeply with our community.

Expanding Horizons Not just confined to Shopify, Redstone Creative proudly marks its presence on TikTok Marketplace, Instagram Marketplace, Walmart Marketplace, Etsy , Ebay and Amazon Marketplace. Our expansion into these platforms is a testament to our evolving journey, ensuring that our unique offerings reach you wherever you are, providing more avenues for our customers to connect with our products and the stories they tell.

Business Coaching: Empowering Entrepreneurs Beyond crafting and curating, Geneva Solomon extends her expertise through Business Coaching, specializing in guiding married couples in business. With an approach grounded in positivity, professionalism, and partnership, Geneva aims to transform business conflicts into collaborative triumphs, ensuring that your venture isn’t just a success, but a shared joy.

Join Our Story At Redstone Creative, we invite you on a journey of courage, creativity, and community. Every purchase not only supports a small business but fuels a larger mission of empowerment, education, and resilience. Discover our diverse range of products designed to celebrate your unique identity and beliefs.

The Future Is Creative As we continue to expand and explore new horizons, our dedication to our customers, community, and causes remains unwavering. We are here to celebrate your stories, amplify your voices, and create a space where creativity meets purpose.

Thank You Choosing Redstone Creative means supporting a dream, a mission, and a movement. Together, we are crafting a world where every item tells a story, and every story inspires change.

Welcome to Redstone Creative. Let's weave a tapestry of empowerment and creativity together.

Geneva Solomon & The Redstone Creative Team