My Experience Building a Successful Etsy Shop While Working a Full-Time Job

My Experience Building a Successful Etsy Shop While Working a Full-Time Job

It can sound scary to take the leap of starting a side hustle for passive income while working your full-time job. However, the benefits of sacrificing a bit more in the beginning can be worth it in the future. For instance, when I started to grow my Etsy shop six years ago, I was six years younger and had three kids at the time. I had more energy and fewer responsibilities than I have now. Additionally, as I have shared before, I started building my Etsy store with just one patch, so the manpower needed was not much. To be completely honest, I spend less time now on Etsy with over 200 listings than I did six years ago with just one item, because the hard work has already been done.

The hardest part about starting something new is pretty simple - starting. When you begin on a new journey like listing items on a new platform, everything is foreign and new to you. So you'll have to take the time to get to know the platforms you're utilizing, and that can be daunting. The reward, though, is once it's built and you understand the program like clockwork, it will definitely have benefits and feel like a passive income "side hustle."

Are you having trouble taking that leap of faith and starting something on the side to generate passive income? No worries, I'm like your side hustle personal trainer. I can assist you and walk you through most of the items, so you wouldn't have to spend as much time as I did six years ago in getting to understand Etsy, marketing, building a Shopify website, etc. You can just invest in a small coaching fee, and you'll be well on your way.

Be creative, and we are waiting for you to schedule your consultation.

- Geneva Solomon


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