Why Positive Support In the Entrepreneurial Journey Is A Necessity

Why Positive Support In the Entrepreneurial Journey Is A Necessity

Mental health is talked about more often now than when I started my corporate journey in 2005. However, there were more resources available when I first entered the professional workspace.

After graduating college in 2005 and having a child, making 6 figures and about to go through an entire divorce all within 3 years after graduating, I found myself needing to make sure that with my responsibilities with work, home, and myself, self-care was necessary. With that, I ended up finding my way to the employer EAP plan. It was great. I would have my weekly sessions with the staff therapist and could confidently get up and take my hour appointment under no scrutiny and head back to work. That was the best gift a corporate company could provide any employee. However, after 2 years budget cuts came, and the on-site 24 sessions you received for free per year went away. I really needed those sessions as it was a part of my growth, health, and staying mentally alive plan. I didn't want to go on that long descriptive rant, but I wanted to speak about how growing into your own boss, creating revenue, and functioning at a high creativity level requires self-care. That’s how I’ve been able to push myself through a lot of personal and professional challenges.

During my tenure in Corporate America, I lost my mom, and the three days of bereavement time wasn't enough. With no on-site counselor, that meant I had to take personal time to heal. Let me be clear: losing your mom at 30 is a mental mind-fuck, and it hurts like hell.


Then, as you age, you become comfortable with your greatness, and others devalue that greatness in the workplace. Your mental health needs more attention, and that should be okay. When I started my passive income journey it was a creative means of self-care, and sometimes that meant just going to the local craft store and walking around to come up with ideas.


As a now full-time entrepreneur, I can only encourage other business owners and those who aspire to be to keep their regular health coach appointments, take your days off, cry, get out the hard days, so that you can continue to function at a high level. It’s not easy being someone so confident in yourself. Many people will have judgments and opinions about you, and they actually never took the time to understand or know you, but because they are jealous of your confidence, they will try to tear you down. As much as possible, and even more when you’re a Black woman trying to just be great, operate with integrity and grow, the investment in self-care is necessary! I cannot stress that enough. Even as the greatest creative I believe I am, and I am confident in myself, I need pep talks. I need the small things to keep going. On some days, you have to have the tools to give yourself that motivation.


Today, an amazing friend of mine took a moment to stop and remind me that I should be proud of myself and ended with "If no one ever told you, you're a bad bitch." That cost him maybe 59 cents to say if we factor in a cell phone bill, but it meant a lot to me. So, I believe having great positive humans around you too are required in this financial freedom grind. So I say thank you to that human. And for those reading this, it's okay to have health coaches and regimes of self-care. There is no way you'd be able to withstand the level of shots you'll have to take while trying to build. Because we live in a world full of selfish humans who actually could benefit from therapy but won't ever reach the heights you can as an entirely healed person.

In conclusion:

To be an entrepreneur, strong and bold,

A journey that often feels uncontrolled.

With hard work and sweat, success we seek,

But mental health support, we dare not miss a beat.

Back in the corporate world, I had it made,

With resources at hand, and therapy to aid.

But budget cuts came, and the help was gone,

Leaving me to fend for myself, all alone.

But as a business owner, I've learned to thrive,

Through personal and professional challenges, I strive.

I lost my mom, a pain that's hard to bear,

But self-care helped me heal, with time to spare.

As a Black woman, my confidence can shake,

Judgment and opinions, others often make.

But I know my worth, and I stand tall,

With pep talks and support, I rise above all.

Positive humans around me, I hold dear,

To remind me of my strength, and calm my fear.

The investment in self-care, I cannot stress enough,

It's crucial for success, when times get tough.

So if no one ever told you, hear it now,

You're a bad BITCH, and I say it loud.

Take care of yourself, in all that you do,

And watch your dreams come true.


Geneva Solomon


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