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Black History Pattern Table Runner, African American Heritage Table Cloth

Black History Pattern Table Runner, African American Heritage Table Cloth

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This table runner adds a cultural touch to your dining experience and offers several customization options:

Material Options: You can choose between two types of materials:

Cotton Twill: This option provides a classic and slightly textured feel. It's suitable for those who prefer a traditional look and feel for their dining decor.

Polyester: If you're seeking a sleek and modern aesthetic, polyester is the choice for you. It features a smooth finish and is easy to clean, making it a practical option.

Sizes: The table runner is available in two size options:

16" × 72" Table Runner: Ideal for standard rectangular or oval dining tables. It suits smaller tables that seat 4-6 people and offers a balanced look. A portion of the runner hangs off each end for a stylish touch, making it great for casual family gatherings or intimate dinners.

16" × 90" Table Runner: Suitable for longer rectangular or oval dining tables. It provides an extended drop on each side, creating an elegant and formal appearance. This size is ideal for larger tables seating 6-8 people or more, and it's perfect for special occasions, grand celebrations, or when you desire a more dramatic table setting.

Design: The runner features a one-sided print that adds a touch of cultural charm to your dining table.

Hemmed Edges: Hemmed edges give the runner a polished and finished look.

Your choice between cotton twill and polyester, as well as the size of the table runner, depends on your preferences, the style you want to achieve, and the dimensions of your dining table. Whether you're looking for a traditional or modern look, this table runner allows you to create a customized dining setting that suits your needs and style.

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