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Black Rosie the Riveter Empowering Vinyl Sticker, Female Empowerment Sticker

Black Rosie the Riveter Empowering Vinyl Sticker, Female Empowerment Sticker

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The Melanated Rosie The Riveter Themed Sticker by Redstone Creative is a captivating design that adds confidence and empowerment to your projects. Here are some key details about this sticker:

Material: This sticker is made from 100% vinyl with 3M glue, ensuring durability and strong adhesive properties.

Cutting Method: The sticker is kiss-cut, which means it's cut into your desired shape while leaving the backing intact. This makes it easy to peel off and apply smoothly to various surfaces.

Sizes: The sticker is available in four sizes:

2x2 Inches: Ideal for small logos, icons, or monograms. Perfect for personalizing laptops, phone cases, small accessories, or adding subtle branding to packaging or envelopes.

3x3 Inches: A versatile size suitable for logos, designs, or messages. Fits well on water bottles, notebooks, car windows, and is great for showcasing artwork or graphics with more detail.

4x4 Inches: Provides more visibility and impact. Perfect for showcasing detailed artwork, illustrations, or photography. Suitable for larger electronics, laptops, and merchandise.

6x6 Inches: Offers a larger canvas for intricate designs or messages. Ideal for promotional stickers, event branding, or displaying detailed artwork. Can be applied to vehicle windows, glass surfaces, or larger merchandise.

Color Options: You can choose between white or transparent stickers, with grey adhesive on the left side for white stickers.

Indoor Use: These stickers are designed for indoor use and are not waterproof, so they may not be suitable for outdoor applications that expose them to water or the elements.

The design features a melanated version of Rosie The Riveter, a symbol of empowerment and strength. Whether you want to add it to your personal items, promotional materials, or creative projects, this sticker is a visually striking and empowering addition. It allows you to confidently express yourself and your values.

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