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Christmas Kanye West Cartoon Wrapping Paper

Christmas Kanye West Cartoon Wrapping Paper

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Make any gift bring an even wider smile to the receiver with this personalized gift wrap paper. Available in two paper finishes (satin, matte), this wrap lets you choose what best fits your audience's needs. Each sheet is printed using GreenGuard UL Certified inks and the blank paper is made in the USA under strict quality control.

.: Two paper finishes (Matte, Satin)
.: Three sizes to choose from - see comparison examples below

30'' x 20'':
This size is ideal for wrapping small to medium-sized gifts.
It can comfortably wrap approximately 2 to 3 shirt boxes (e.g., clothing, books, small electronics).
Perfect for individual gifts or a few smaller items.

30" x 72'':
This size provides more versatility and can accommodate larger gifts.
It can wrap around 6 to 8 shirt boxes or medium-sized shoeboxes.
Great for wrapping multiple gifts or larger individual items.

30" x 144'':
This is a generous size suitable for wrapping larger presents or multiple gifts.
It can wrap around 12 to 15 shirt boxes or several medium-sized and small gifts.
Perfect for wrapping a variety of gifts for a bigger celebration.

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