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Earth Tones Geometric Pattern Throw Pillow, Ethnic Art Home Decor

Earth Tones Geometric Pattern Throw Pillow, Ethnic Art Home Decor

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Discover the unity of artistry and comfort with our "Geometric Splendor Throw Pillow," the perfect complement to our "Vivid Tribal Tapestry Round Rug." By adorning your space with this throw pillow, you invite the same rich tapestry of global culture and intricate design into your living environment. Featuring a stunning array of geometric patterns in earthy browns, deep greens, and warm oranges, each pillow is set against a serene creamy canvas, offering an exquisite visual feast.

Crafted from sumptuous 100% polyester, the cover is luxuriously soft yet resilient for daily enjoyment. This pillow isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's a sanctuary for your moments of repose. With a double-sided print, you can easily switch up your decor, while the sleek concealed zipper maintains the pillow’s immaculate lines. Available in a range of sizes, there's a perfect fit for any space, whether it's a grandiose lounge or a cozy corner.

Sizes Available:

  • 14x14 Pillow: Ideal for a dainty charm, this compact size enlivens any snug space with its decorative prowess.
  • 16x16 Pillow: Achieve a harmonious balance of elegance and coziness, perfect for personalizing your sanctuary of relaxation.
  • 18x18 Pillow: A truly adaptable addition, this pillow size brings comfort and artistic flair to any setting.
  • 20x20 Pillow: For those who seek both splendor and support, this substantial pillow anchors your space with style and comfort.

Each pillow stands alone as a statement of cultural beauty and pairs exquisitely with our matching "Vivid Tribal Tapestry Round Rug." Together, they form a cohesive and inviting atmosphere, weaving a narrative of heritage and modernity that is sure to spark conversations and admiration in your home.

Key Features:

  • Includes a plush 100% polyester pillow for ultimate comfort
  • Double-sided print for versatile display options
  • Concealed zipper for a seamless look
  • Available in various sizes to fit your unique space

Bring home the "Geometric Splendor Throw Pillow" today and complete the look with our matching rug to fully embrace the splendor of global design.

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