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Elegant Lace Print Premium Wrapping Paper, Bridal Shower Wrapping Paper

Elegant Lace Print Premium Wrapping Paper, Bridal Shower Wrapping Paper

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Present your gifts with a touch of elegance with our Lace Print Premium Wrapping Paper. This exquisite paper transforms every gift into a display of sophistication with its seamless lace pattern, reminiscent of the finest bridal veils. Ideal for weddings, anniversaries, or any special occasion that calls for a classic and refined touch.

Choose from three convenient sizes to accommodate your gifting needs, from delicate keepsakes to grand gestures:

30" × 36" (76.2 cm × 91.4 cm): This compact size is perfect for wrapping items such as hardcover books, jewelry boxes, mugs, or small electronics like a smartphone. It's also ideal for personal gifts that require a delicate touch, like a scarf or a clutch.

30" × 72" (76.2 cm × 182.9 cm): A great choice for slightly larger gifts such as shoe boxes, board games, or a collection of smaller items bundled together. It’s also suitable for wrapping items like a small kitchen appliance or several paperback books stacked together.

30" x 180" (76.2 cm × 457.2 cm): This extensive roll is capable of covering large items such as a big dollhouse, a coat boxed elegantly, or even a small suitcase. It's also the go-to size for wrapping bulkier items like a comforter set or a large wedding album. For bridal showers, it can wrap around a sizeable gift basket filled with various goodies or even a couple of large board games together.

Wrap your presents in the sheer elegance of lace and watch the delight on your recipients' faces as they unwrap a piece of artistry.

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