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Firearm Instructor Nutritional Facts Poster - 2 sizes

Firearm Instructor Nutritional Facts Poster - 2 sizes

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Unlock your full potential on the firing range with our innovative and captivating Firearms Instructor Poster. Designed to combine humor and knowledge, this poster features witty 'Nutritional Facts' tailored specifically for firearm instructors. The Accuracy Serving Size provides the recommended portion for precise shots, while the Bullet Calories reveal the explosive energy behind each bullet. Fuel your aim with the Trigger Finger Protein, and brace yourself for the kickback with the Recoil Fat percentage.

Maintain a well-equipped weapon with the Firearms Iron Content, and stay locked and loaded with the Tactical Fiber. Enjoy the 'firepower' guilt-free, as the Caliber Cholesterol registers at 0% DV. Boost your confidence with the Magpul Vitamin C, and add the perfect seasoning to your shots using the Range Card Sodium. The Muzzle Velocity Boost ensures energy-packed rounds for enhanced performance.

Please note that these percentages are used playfully and do not represent actual nutritional values. This poster serves as an entertaining tribute to the expertise and dedication of firearm instructors. Hang it proudly in your shooting range, office, or training space. Add a piece of pop to your training facility and/or classes.
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