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Harry Potter Party Pattern Table Runner, Native Art Theme Table Cloth

Harry Potter Party Pattern Table Runner, Native Art Theme Table Cloth

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Step into the enchanting world of wizardry with our in magical style themed table runner, inspired by the mysterious nocturnal scenes of Harry Potter. Crafted from high-quality cotton twill or polyester, this runner adds a touch of wizardry to your dining experience. Transform your dining area into a scene from the wizarding world with the vivid and eye-catching Cyn and Light Brown.

Let the magic unfold as your kitchen takes on the enchanting allure of a place straight out of a catalog of mystical spells. Please note that, just like magical spells, our table runners are conjured on demand.

The production time is 3-5 days, and after the enchantment is complete, shipping typically takes an additional 3-5 days. Plan accordingly if you have a specific date in mind for your magical celebration.

With its unique and artsy table runner becomes a spellbinding element for creating a memorable celebration. Whether it's a grand event or a cozy family gathering in the spirit of Hogwarts, this runner is sure to leave a magical impression. Product Details:

Available in two types of magical material:

Cotton Twill and Polyester 2 size options to fit your enchanted table:

16" × 72" and 16" × 90" Hemmed edges for a polished look One-sided print, revealing the magic to your guests. 1

6" × 72" Table Runner: Ideal for standard rectangular or oval dining tables. Perfect for smaller tables that seat 4-6 people. Offers a balanced look on shorter tables, allowing a portion to hang off each end for a stylish touch. Great for casual family gatherings or intimate dinners.

16" × 90" Table Runner: Suitable for longer rectangular or oval dining tables. Provides a more extended drop on each side, creating an elegant and formal appearance. Ideal for larger tables that seat 6-8 people or more. Perfect for special occasions, grand celebrations, or events where a more dramatic table setting is desired.

Offers a luxurious and sophisticated look, especially on longer dining surfaces. Ultimately, the choice between the 16" × 72" and 16" × 90" sizes depends on the dimensions of the dining table, the desired style, and the number of guests.

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