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Hip Hop Easter Bunny Shaped Decorative Pillow, Double-Sided Plush Easter Themed Home Decor

Hip Hop Easter Bunny Shaped Decorative Pillow, Double-Sided Plush Easter Themed Home Decor

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Add a pop of urban cool to your space with our Hip Hop Easter Bunny Custom-Shaped Pillow. This unique home accessory combines the comfort of plush polyester with the personality of streetwear style, perfect for Easter or year-round decor. Crafted with a smooth exterior and filled with cushy polypropylene cotton, this pillow offers a perfect blend of support and softness. Each pillow mirrors the hip hop Easter bunny design on the back, ensuring your decor looks great from every angle. The varying thickness adds a dynamic three-dimensional effect to the pillow, making it a standout addition to any room. Available in four versatile sizes and featuring a discreet white zipper, this pillow is as functional as it is fashionable. Please note, the pillow's filling is not removable for washing, but the entire pillow can be spot cleaned to keep your bunny looking fresh. Before creating your custom pillow, be sure to check out our product specifics for optimal results.

Small (S) - 15.70 x 15.70 inches: Perfect for accentuating smaller spaces or adding a touch of personality to office chairs and car seats. Its compact size makes it an ideal companion for cozy reading nooks or as an extra cushion for children's rooms.

Medium (M) - 19.70 x 19.70 inches: A versatile choice that fits well on most sofas and armchairs. It's the right size to offer comfortable back support while sitting or to serve as a standalone decorative piece on a single-seat lounge chair.

Large (L) - 23.60 x 23.60 inches: Great for adding a substantial decorative touch to your living room or bedroom. This size can be used as a floor pillow for extra seating when guests come over or as a statement piece on a queen-sized bed.

Extra Large (XL) - 27.60 x 27.60 inches: Ideal for those who want to make a bold statement. This size works well as a centerpiece on a king-sized bed, a cuddly option for movie nights on the floor, or as a dramatic decorative element in spacious interiors.

.: Cover: 100% polyester
.: Filling: 100% polypropylene cotton (not removable for washing)
.: Double sided decoration with mirrored back print
.: Thickness: varies from 1.9'' to 5.91''
.: Comes in 4 sizes - see explanation below 
.: White zipper

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