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Huey P Newton Quote Magnet, Black Panther Quote Magnet

Huey P Newton Quote Magnet, Black Panther Quote Magnet

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Enhance your message's impact with our thoughtfully designed magnets, available in three distinct sizes for you to choose from. Each size offers a unique way to showcase the thought-provoking quote "unarmed people are slaves," allowing you to select the level of visibility and impact that resonates with you.

Key Features:

Indoor Use: These magnets are intended for indoor use, making them suitable for various settings.

Thin and Lightweight: With a slim profile of just 0.03" (0.8 mm), these magnets are easy to handle.

Black Backing: Featuring a sleek black backing that adds to their visual appeal.

Size Options:

3x3 Magnet - Subtle Reminder: This compact 3x3 magnet discreetly reminds you of the powerful message "unarmed people are slaves." Place it on your refrigerator, seamlessly blending into your kitchen decor while serving as a daily thought-provoking piece.

4x4 Magnet - Eye-Catching Accent: The 4x4 magnet is designed to be an eye-catching accent for your magnetic surfaces. Whether displayed on your fridge or any other metal surface, this size ensures the quote "unarmed people are slaves" takes center stage, sparking conversations and prompting reflection.

6x6 Magnet - Bold Statement: Opt for the 6x6 magnet to make a bold and impactful statement. This larger size magnifies the significance of Huey P Newton's words, making them hard to overlook. Display it prominently in your living space as a bold declaration and a continuous call to action against oppression.

Choose the size that resonates with you and amplify the power of your message with our thought-provoking magnets.

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