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Pack of 5 - Empowered Essence Vinyl Sticker, Bold 'Black Power' Fashionista Vinyl Decal, Black Empowerment Stickers

Pack of 5 - Empowered Essence Vinyl Sticker, Bold 'Black Power' Fashionista Vinyl Decal, Black Empowerment Stickers

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Our Empowered Essence Vinyl Sticker is a striking statement piece that radiates strength, beauty, and cultural pride. This vibrant sticker showcases an illustration of a fashion-forward woman exuding confidence, adorned with the powerful words "BLACK POWER" across her shirt. With rich, detailed artwork that features traditional African colors in her attire, hoop earrings, and a stylish bomber jacket, this design is a celebration of heritage and self-assurance.

Each sticker is crafted with high-quality, durable vinyl and a reliable 3M adhesive to ensure a lasting impact wherever you choose to place it. The kiss-cut design allows for perfect customization, enabling you to select the ideal silhouette to match your personal style while keeping the backing intact for straightforward application.

Available in four distinct sizes, our sticker is 0.004 inches (1mm) thick and boasts a glossy finish, making it a versatile choice for a variety of surfaces. Whether you're looking to personalize your tech gadgets, car windows, or indoor spaces, this emblem of educational accomplishment and cultural identity is designed to inspire and celebrate the dope graduate in everyone.

Choose from four sizes to suit your needs, with each sticker being 0.004 inches (1mm) thick and sporting a polished glossy finish. Adorn your indoor spaces with this inspiring emblem to celebrate educational accomplishment and cultural identity.

2x2 Inches:
Ideal for a subtle showing on personal gadgets such as laptops and smartphones, or on small personal belongings.
Perfect for customizing your small accessories or giving your packaging and mail a personalized touch.

3x3 Inches:
Versatile for various designs, logos, or mottos, reflecting both pride and style.
Suitable for medium-sized objects like drinkware, planners, or car windows, making a statement without overpowering.

4x4 Inches:
Prominent enough to draw attention and convey your message with clarity.
Fits beautifully on larger tech devices or as a noticeable car sticker, celebrating the graduate spirit.

6x6 Inches:
Provides ample space for detailed artwork or bold messages that resonate with cultural pride and educational achievements.
Ideal for promotional uses, event announcements, or as a feature piece on large windows or glass doors. (Note: this design is not waterproof)

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