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Pack of 5 Stickers - Vote 2024 Election Vinyl Stickers, Political Stickers

Pack of 5 Stickers - Vote 2024 Election Vinyl Stickers, Political Stickers

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Welcome to Election Season. Encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote with our 5 Pack of elegant Vote stickers. This carefully curated sticker set features a kiss-cut design that was uniquely made by Redstone Creative. The letters are filled with a seamless Vote Pattern. Made from high-quality, durable vinyl, each sticker is adorned with a reliable 3M adhesive, ensuring a permanent fixture that adds unique character to your surroundings. Although not waterproof, these stickers exude an allure that's hard to ignore.

Choose from four sizes to suit your needs, with each sticker being 0.004 inches (1mm) thick and sporting a polished glossy finish.

4 Sizes Available:
2x2 Inches:
Ideal for a subtle showing on personal gadgets such as laptops and smartphones, or on small personal belongings.
Perfect for customizing your small accessories or giving your packaging and mail a personalized touch.

3x3 Inches:
Versatile for various designs, logos, or mottos, reflecting both pride and style.
Suitable for medium-sized objects like drinkware, planners, or car windows, making a statement without overpowering.

4x4 Inches:
Prominent enough to draw attention and convey your message with clarity.
Fits beautifully on larger tech devices or as a noticeable car sticker, celebrating the graduate spirit.

6x6 Inches:
Provides ample space for detailed artwork or bold messages that resonate with cultural pride and educational achievements.
Ideal for promotional uses, event announcements, or as a feature piece on large windows or glass doors. (Note: this design is not waterproof)
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