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Soulful Brunch Bridal Shower Table Runner, Laid-Back Afrocentric Sisterhood Decor

Soulful Brunch Bridal Shower Table Runner, Laid-Back Afrocentric Sisterhood Decor

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Infuse your bridal shower with the warmth and elegance of our "Chic Soulful Brunch" Table Runner. Designed for the modern bride who appreciates the comfort of a brunch setting combined with the soulful essence of jazz and R&B, this seamless pattern features stylish Black women enjoying delectable soul food and engaging in delightful brunch banter. It's the perfect canvas to complement a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Whether spread on a table laden with comfort food or laid as the foundation for an array of brunch cocktails, this runner comes in two sizes (16" × 72" and 16" × 90") to suit any table setting. Crafted from premium Cotton Twill for a homely touch or vibrant Polyester for lasting color intensity, it’s a beautiful addition to your celebration, sure to evoke the harmonious and laid-back vibe of your special day.


Sizes Available:

  • 16" × 72": Intimate and cozy, perfect for small gatherings where friends and family come together to celebrate love and happiness.
  • 16" × 90": Spacious and elegant, designed for larger tables to accommodate a joyful brunch spread fit for a cherished bride-to-be.


  • Premium Cotton Twill: Offers a warm, textured touch that's reminiscent of a homestyle brunch setting, ensuring comfort and class blend seamlessly.
  • Durable Polyester: Provides a vibrant and resilient option that maintains its charm, making every post-brunch cleanup a breeze.

Design Details:

  • One-Sided Print: Showcases a delightful pattern of Black women enjoying brunch, each detail capturing the spirit of togetherness and celebration.
  • Hemmed Edges: Expertly crafted for a sleek look, lending a sophisticated and neat finish to your festive table runner.
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